Private Networking Plus

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Encrypt internet traffic and hide your IP address from malicious attacks 

Why Do You Need Secure Data?

Hacking is everywhere, from retail to Government, and it is not going to stop. Most businesses believe it won’t happen to them because there are much more valuable targets. The fact is not every hacker is looking to profit, some are looking to disrupt, some are just trying to prove they can. As the world becomes more connected we become more vulnerable, especially in the deployment of solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is as simple as it sounds, connect things to the internet. Connect the refrigeration unit in the truck so you know produce is still fresh, connect the billboard so you can change content on demand, connect the taxi, fuel truck, police car, or ambulance to optimize dispatch. The problem is these deployments are beacons for hackers because they are commonly implemented with Public Static IP. To consistently communicate or find the device the IP address can’t change and when a hacker can see the same address every day they are inclined to go after it. Each “ping” results in cellular data usage and since these devices are usually on very low data plans the result is huge overages.

The solution is deploying mobile Private Network (PN) and moving to private static IP, making the address invisible to hackers. Simple to say, difficult to implement! The PN process can take months and requires heavy involvement on corporate IT.

CyberReef solutions makes the simple to say, simple to do. Our flexible configuration and dedicated experts can get you off the ground in as little as 2-3 days. Waiting for it to happen to you can be an expensive gamble…let us give you peace of mind with true fixed cost deployments.