Kids Internet Defense Shield

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Pew Research findings indicate that 94% of high income families ($100,000+ per year) have high-speed Internet access in their homes compared to only 53% of families making less than $30,000 a year.

This disparity in the digital divide leads to a widening gap in student performance in primary and secondary education. To close this gap, progressive schools and libraries are providing low income students with mobile hotspots and Wi-Fi on school buses, thus allowing students to have Internet access at home or at least on their rides to and from school.

Internet Access at Homes and on Buses

CyberReef is committed to helping close this digital divide through its Kids Internet Defense Shield offering. CyberReef
is working in conjunction with major mobile operators in the United States to provide broadband at home and on school buses.

Through its use of Children’s Information Protection Act (CIPA) filtering, we protect students surfing the Internet at home and on their bus rides to and from schools. We provide schools a portal to modify filtering to allow/ deny access to age appropriate websites.

Controlling Costs

We allow schools and libraries to control how much data individual students are allowed to use daily, weekly or monthly. Through the use of data throttling, we can set limits to reduce the potential of expensive mobile data overages. Unlike our competitors, if you like your current mobile carrier, you can continue to use them. This allows you to continue to optimize data pooling across the entire school district, thereby reducing overall data spend. With CyberReef, there is no additional hardware to purchase for CIPA filtering to take effect.



On average, students are in buses 90-180 minutes per day. Using this time for online homework can increase learning, retention, and bus driver safety (engaged students = quiet students = bus driver awareness.)


Providing 1:1 programs, keeping students mobile, CIPA safe, and engaged is key for online learning. Extend the protection of your in-school internet policies and make this a true fixed cost deployment.


Create the best experience for your mobile hotspot lending program while helping to address the 30% of US homes without broadband internet.

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