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UptimePlus Key Features

•  UNLIMITED failover to LTE

•  No Overages

•  $19.99 per month*

•  $34.99 per month with Digi® 6310-DX04 hardware**

•  $49.99 per month with with Cradlepoint ARC CBA850LP6 (LTE-A compatible) hardware**

* One-time activation fee per SIM $25

** One-time activation fee and hardware setup fee per line/ device $50

Internet connectivity is the backbone of businesses today. Being offline for even 5 minutes is expensive, let alone an hour, a day, or longer!

Most IT professionals agree that failover to LTE is the most reliable and robust internet business continuity solution, but because monthly costs are unpredictable and surprise overages could happen at any time, it has simply been too risky, until now.

UptimePlus by CyberReef Solutions is the first ever UNLIMITED wireless failover solution. Unlimited wireless failover at a low, set monthly fee with no overages. With UptimePlus you get the most reliable business continuity solution without the risks of unpredictable monthly fees or the possibility of unanticipated overages.

Take the guesswork out of wireless failover with UptimePlus by CyberReef. No risks, no worries, no bill-shock!

graphic describing the failover process from wired to LTE data

Key Industries

Healthcare, Law offices, Call centers,
Retail, Hospitality, Education,
Government, and many more

Services Included

Website Filtering, Overage Alerting and
Throttling, Cyber Security, Activation,
3G/4G/5G Internet Access,
and Technical Support

uptimeplus major blocked internet usage categories

Examples of major categories of internet usage that can be blocked with UptimePlus

CyberReef Solutions is able to provide this fixed low cost service because UptimePlus blocks non-business traffic like social media, streaming media, gaming, etc. during wireless failover.

UptimePlus also provides immediate alerting when in wireless failover mode. This notification gives the IT organization timely notice to address a failover situation.

Technical Support

Live Tech Support
24/7 online support

Zero Downtime

CyberReef provides system redundancy as well as geographical redundancy
SLA of 99.99% system availability

For more information, contact sales@cyberreefsolutions.com or call (318) 429-7230.