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Secure Bandwidth Manager

Mobile Internet growth is uncontrollable, leading to increases in overages and rate plan costs. Mobile Internet growth is being driven by non-business applications. Facebook and YouTube alone account for over a third of mobile Internet Traffic, as illustrated in Figure 1. Additionally, as shown in Figure 2, these applications are growing at a 40-55% CAGR. […]

Kids Internet Defense Shield

Pew Research findings indicate that 94% of high income families ($100,000+ per year) have high-speed Internet access in their homes compared to only 53% of families making less than $30,000 a year. Kids Internet Defense Shield helps to close this disparity in the digital divide. To close this gap, progressive schools and libraries are providing […]


UptimePlus by CyberReef is the first ever UNLIMITED wireless failover solution.

Private Networking Plus

According to Hackmageddon, in 2017 Industry, Government, Education and Healthcare were the primary target of cyberattacks.

Kids Internet Defense Shield – Old

Enriching Students with protected Internet Access Anywhere

Secure Bandwidth Manager – Old

Up to 80% of your data is used for non-work related activity. Gain control, cut costs, and increase productivity today.