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Cyber Security Incidents in Education in 2018

Cyber Security Incidents in Education in 2018

2018 K-12 Cyber Security Incidents

According to, a recently released report from the K-12 Cyber Security Resource Center reveals that throughout 2018, 122 incidents were reported at K-12 schools, though the author of the report believes that up to 20 times as many cyber security incidents went unreported.
The incidents include DDS (denial of service) attacks, phishing scams, ransomware attacks — which largely come from outside sources — and unauthorized disclosures or data breaches, often the result of human error. These events not only inconvenience districts and disrupt learning, but can cost thousands of dollars to fix.
Interestingly, more affluent districts are at greater risk — possibly because wealthier school districts have the means to implement more technological education solutions. <<Read Full Story>>



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