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Budget Limits Network Security, Say IT Professionals

Budget Limits Network Security, Say IT Professionals

Cyber Security Survey Points To Budget as Bottleneck

What prevents companies from developing and implementing comprehensive security plans? The results of a cyber security survey released by BAE Systems Applied Intelligence have revealed budget plays an important role when it comes to network security.

In the survey, 50% of IT professionals said budget is a bottleneck to objective achievement. As networks become more complex, the cost to keep up will increase, and make organizations with limited funds more vulnerable to cyber attacks. The high cost of contracting or retaining full-time qualified security experts is also a factor for many smaller companies.

For small businesses who manage their own network, maintaining security integrity with limited funds has always been a challenge and will continue to be moving forward. Security policy management requires resources to implement, maintain, and update. Taking advantage of new tools and and strategies to make policy implementation more automated and manageable can offset some of these costs. CyberReef Solutions is one of these tools: we offer affordable, quickly implemented solutions to create mobile private networks at true fixed cost deployment to give your business an added layer of security – and peace of mind.

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