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Private Networking Plus

Secure VPN service that protects mobile devices from malicious attacks


Unlimited rate plan service that provides secure wireless failover for business continuity

Secure Bandwidth Manager

Mobile secure website filtering that reduces data consumption and data costs by 50-70%

Kids Internet Defense Shield

CIPA compliant filtering to protect students using the mobile Internet

Why Wait? Cut your monthly data spend while increasing employee productivity — GUARANTEED!

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K-12 Education


ATM Machines

Digital Signage

Smart Displays




Oil and Gas Well Monitoring

Remote Monitory / Telemetry

Business Continuity


Water / Waste Water


Wireless Security

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Is Our Smartphone Ecosystem Broken?

Is Our Smartphone Ecosystem Broken?

Emerging solutions will allow enterprises to reduce their dependence on untrusted smartphones When it comes to smartphones, the consumer-centric paradigm we find ourselves in while we rely on them to conduct our crucial day-to-day business, has proven to be the Achilles’ heel for mobile security. Where can enterprises turn to keep their most important information […]

Cyber Security For Medical Imaging Devices Found Wanting

Cyber Security For Medical Imaging Devices Found Wanting

Experimental Malware Exposes Flaws in Medical Imaging Security A recent Washington Post article tells of IT researchers who have created malware designed to alter medical images, as part of a project to delineate the security vulnerabilities of medical imaging equipment and networks. Potential For Havoc in Medical Diagnoses The malware was able to add or […]

12 Cyber Security Tips for Small and Midsize Businesses

12 Cyber Security Tips for Small and Midsize Businesses

Cybersecurity measures for SMBs include ways to authenticate users, encrypt data, and authorize access. When it comes to covering criminal cyber activity, the bulk of news stories covering corporate cyber attacks seem to involve large, global businesses. However, not just big organizations are at risk, and data breaches don’t have to be high-impact and high-profile […]

Businesses Need Cyber Security Management Plans

Businesses Need Cyber Security Management Plans

The Cyberattack Surface Has Increased In 2019, the world has become more dangerous due to a wide variety of sophisticated threats. The cyberattack surface has increased due to the horizontal expansion of IT, driven by mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, SaaS, cloud-based workloads, etc. In the meantime, business executives now recognize two important realities: […]


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